Tokyo 2020 olympics ”Bridge Together Project” ENGLISH

Bridge Together Project “Let’s visit Japan!”

We are thrilled to welcome the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020!!
In order to create a stronger friendship between UK and Japan than ever before, would like to take a role as the “bridge” between two countries.
We would like to introduce fascinating Japanese culture to people in UK, and we would like them to get interested in visiting Japan.
We and Naomi Suzuki who is a UK based producer and a singer set up this project in order to invite people in the world to Japan and support reconstruction assistance for disaster sites.
This project is aiming to keep the memory of the Pacific coast of Tōhoku in 2011 and the earthquake in Kumamoto alive. We would like to have encouragement from people all over the world to support people in the disaster area. Mrs Naomi Suzuki has been supporting the disaster area vigorously the last 6 years and she would like to make this project not only a one night event but let it continue towards the Olympics in Tokyo. Japanese events will be the part of this vision.
The northern parts of Japan suffered from the earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku in 2011. It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded to have hit Japan, and the fourth most powerful earthquake in the world since modern record-keeping began in 1900.
On 10 March 2015, a Japanese National Police Agency report confirmed 15,894 deaths, 6,152 injured, and 2,562 people missing across twenty prefectures, as well as 228,863 people living away from their home in either temporary housing or due to permanent relocation. The affected areas are still struggling to recover from the terrible disaster and they still need lots of support. Also unfortunately, there was another large earthquake in Kumatomo prefecture on Kyushu Island on 16 April 2016 and at least 50 people were killed and 3000 people were injured.

We have planed numbers of projects.
These evens will promote interest in Japanese culture and Japan itself and we hope it will encourage people in UK and Guernsey to visit Japan.

●Project 1

8th May 2017 Launch event.
We will start promotion of the project in London.
Japanese nostalgic folk song show with Japanese Sake and traditional foods.
The profit will be donated.
Venue: Sozai cooking’scool 5 Middlesex Street, E1 7AA London

●Project 2

9th Jun 2017 Japanese Sake & Music Event “Musubi”.
This is an exciting Charity Event in Guernsey.
It will be the very first Japanese Sake event in Guernsey!

Venue : Urban Kitchen Glategny Esplanade, St. Peter Port
<Event Contents>
・Presentation about Japanese Sake
・Sake Tasting
・Japan Today – Presentation
・Japanese Songs – mini concert
・Taking video messages from participants of the event and sending the messages to the disaster area

Host Bridge together project –Guernsey Committee, Miyagi Art Culture Promotion Organization (MACPO)
Japan Association UK Guernsey Branch Team Smile in London
Corporation  World Sake Imports UK
Sponsor Fukushima Prefecture in Japan
Speech Asami Tasaka
Performer Naomi Suzuki

●Project 3.

Nov 2018 Bridge Together Project in London
London’s much loved event of Japanese culture will be held.
This energetic event brings people together to enjoy an amazing day of Japanese music, dance
culture and so much more.
These evens will promote interest in Japanese culture and Japan itself and we hope it will encourage people in UK to visit Japan.
・Kimono fashion show
・Mascot show
・Music live